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How to Win in Cloud GTM in 2024
Cloud GTM Leader Event

Join us for an exclusive 2-hour online event and learn how to accelerate your growth with Cloud Marketplaces of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Uncover the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in Cloud Go-To-Market to grow your revenue with hyperscalers in 2024.
December 12, 2023, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST
Presented by Roman
The event moderator will be Roman, a widely respected expert in the partnership industry for his data-driven insights.

Both keynote and panel discussion will include Q&A with the industry's brightest minds, bringing direct, impactful experiences from the world of hyperscalers. Get ready to learn in-depth insights from real-world examples.
Roman_headshot_best (1).png

Roman helped build hundreds of tech and distribution partnerships, turned around multiple large-scale partner programs and consulted top US and UK companies on their GTM strategies.

Sloan Fellow from London/Columbia Business Schools. OnDeck Founder Fellow. Founder Award  Winner,

LBS Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Roman Kirsanov
CEO - Partner Insight
Ready to Learn How to Win in Cloud GTM in 2024?
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Unlock YOUR Share of $303Bn commits 
with Cloud Marketplaces  
Hyperscalers have accumulated $303Bn + billions of committed spend 💰 from their customers - spend that could be directed to buying your software and services. Let me explain.

While many enterprises grapple with a cash crunch, they still have to honor multi-year commitments to their cloud providers to maintain their discounts.

Here's the trick: if they buy your SaaS via AWS or Microsoft Cloud or Google Cloud marketplace, their spend goes towards these commitments.

💳 Effectively, they're purchasing your product with pre-allocated cloud funds. It's a quick win for everyone involved, accelerating procurement timelines from months to days.

Ready to become an expert in Cloud GTM? Enroll in our course. 

Learn more with 5-week cohort course & community to Master Marketplaces 

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