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CEOs say that strategic alliances is the 🏆#1 strategy to help them each 3yrs growth targets

CEOs say that building strategic alliances with third parties is the #1 strategy to help them reach growth targets in the next 3 years. (survey of 1,325 CEOs)

This is the finding of the survey for 2022 CEO Outlook conducted a few months ago by KPMG.

🎯 Partnerships are considered to be more important even compared with internally generated organic growth driven by R&D, innovations and new product development.

If you add to partnerships, M&A and JV, boosting growth by collaboration with partners now occupies a disproportionate mindshare of global leaders. Almost half (48%) believe that these strategies are important for achieving growth.

The trend is also upwards from 1y ago, as 71% CEOs view partnerships as an important means to continue the pace of their digital transformation (vs 59% in Feb ‘22).

🙌 Partnerships are helping bring agility and resilience to growth as 9 out of 10 CEOs anticipate challenges in the shorter term.

86% believe a recession will happen over the next 12 months

but the mid-term outlook is much brighter

58% feel a recession will be mild and short

71% believe that in 3yrs we will see global economic growth

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