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Channel Partners deliver 💡 30%+ of sales pipeline for 21% of companies

Partners/Channel deliver 💡 30%+ of sales pipeline for 21% of companies according to this pipeline performance study.

LeanData in collaboration with Salesforce, Atrium, Clearbit, Modern Sales Pros and RevOps Squared, conducted research in Aug ‘22 to benchmark inbound & outbound pipeline performance. 311 respondents (67% B2B tech, 19% B2B services).

📈 Partners/Channel results

21% of companies report Partners/Channel delivers 30%+ of total sales pipeline

5% of sales pipeline is median

The majority seemingly fall in the range of 5-20%

(see the breakdown attached)

👀 Generally companies need to get better in tracking revenue attribution.

21% said that their Marketing function had NO responsibility for creating their sales pipeline.

only 26% of companies measure Win Rate by Lead Channel, and

just 13% reported measuring Cost Per Lead (CPL) against revenue generated

[Source in comments]

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