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SaaS, cloud and partnerships in the broader internet 💎 value chain

It’s interesting to put our discussions about SaaS, cloud and partnerships in the context of a broader internet 💎 value chain and ecosystems within it. 🗽 Growth of top ecosystems is the #1 trend on the market (Kearney)

The largest technology players - think Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. - are expanding their footprints across the value chain. They’re launching new services and using their scale and existing customer bases to drive success in new segments. [e.g. the rise of their cloud marketplaces - take a look at our take - link in the end] They are also integrating along the value chain, buying up content rights players and enabling technologies, and investing in end-user devices. #Superapps - think WeChat, probably soon Twitter - are taking a similar direction of integrated platforms and ecosystems connecting users to many services. 💰 Internet value chain had global revenue of $6.7 Tr (2020). This graph was built in ‘22 based on ‘20 data. Since then the market grew ~10% as the number of internet users increased from 4.6 Bn to 5.16 Bn in 2023. Segments like #cloud are changing faster than others. Collectively global end-user spend on public cloud services is predicted to reach $591.8 billion in 2023 (Gartner). ☁️ In big picture, B2B and B2C online services and Enabling Tech stack takes ~70% of the entire value chain. SaaS and cloud segments highlighted on the map: ✔️ Cloud-based software services B2B: SaaS, like Xero or Salesforce B2C: SaaS, like Google Drive, Office 365, etc. ✔️ Communication and collaboration services, includes B2B: Slack and Microsoft Teams in B2C: WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and WeChat in ✔️ Cloud-based infrastructure and platform services Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Alibaba ✔️ Online payment gateways and e-wallets include PayPal, Paytm and Stripe ✔️ Systems and software Include VPN, anti-virus software, as well as professional-grade B2B endpoint and network security by Cisco, VMware, Juniper, etc.

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