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Use Flows to faster onboard, train co-sell, integrate with partners using journeys & templates

Excited that ⚡Flows by Partner Insight is now live, solving major pain points of partner disconnect.

#Partnerships teams can create onboarding, training, co-selling, integration journeys for partners and collaborate in a truly 2-sided hubs.

Flows help in a few clicks build any step-by-step workflow for partners. Create your own flows or 1-click clone from a template library we prepared for you from the best-in-class partnership teams.

Most popular features:

✔️ Customize a flow to each partner

✔️ Attach pdf, Notion docs, GDocs, docs, videos so partners can preview them in-app

✔️ Send your partner a simple link to a flow

✔️ Track progress of completed steps by both teams

✔️ Include internal-only steps to track them inside your team without overwhelming partners (hidden for them)

💜 “The new workflow builder is a game changer. No more endless documents, static slides, and digging through emails." - Louis Demetroulakos, Head of Partnerships at Playroll.

🤝 Flows expands Partner Insight’s first truly two-sided hub that accelerates partner engagement, growth and data sharing 3X.

What you can do in Flows in minutes, saves you hours of repeatable tasks and hundreds of back-and-forth emails with partners.

Flows work best for:

Partner onboarding

Sales and product training

Marketing and sales planning

Product integration tracking

Content sharing

But I’m excited to see how you’ll use them and hear your feedback.

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