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Why High Partner Fit is critical, but not sufficient

High Partner Fit is critical, but not sufficient. You need to see strong engagement 🙌 on both sides to make #partnerships successful.

Because your ROI in highly engaged medium-fit partners

will beat results with disengaged high-fit partners

9/10 times.

💬 A few great insights on this from our recent workshop with Louis Demetroulakos, Head of Partnerships in Playroll.

If you are engaged with all your partners on a consistent basis, the distribution naturally plays out.

If it's, for example

"I thought that this was a good fit partner in terms of all the parameters around their business:

the right size

the right growth stage

the right team

the right approach

📉 but the enthusiasm is not there" - that can throw the whole thing off.

What I'll look for is out of the low fit partners - which ones do have that criteria from a fit perspective that we would want to believe is good.

And I think a lot of companies missed that step because they're so focused on the results of the top 10% distribution of their partners.

That you just look at the 90% that are maybe low fit or medium fit - "I'm not going to spend as much time on them".

💡 But how much opportunity are you missing out?

Because maybe those will be a good fit from the right team and right parameters perspective.

But you just haven't given them the enthusiasm that they need or the energy that they need to drive things forward.


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