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Among companies with $100M ARR, 25% use external partners for customer implementations.

As companies strive to grow revenue by increasing 📈 NRR (net revenue retention), they progressively leverage partners. Among companies with $100M ARR, 25% use external partners for customer implementations.

We discussed in the previous post that retention and account growth pays big dividends long-term. At times like today, when New Revenue is non trivial, this #growth#strategy is more important than ever.

Insight Partners VC recently surveyed their portfolio companies and found that:

⚡️ 79% of surveyed portfolio companies planned on developing a partnership program.

“Valuations of high NRR businesses outpace NRR laggards, resulting in broad tech ecosystem acceptance of the ROI of early Customer Success (Post-Sales) investment…

CS, also referred to as “CX” (customer experience), is maturing into a core GTM strategy with shared C-suite ownership.”

💡 Partners can drive major efficiency gains

Because partners can drive efficiency, some companies are building a complementary partner success motion, especially in mid-market and enterprise segments.

Partners help to support a range of activities including specialized, complex, or technical implementations, premium support, and maintenance.

Share of customer implementations already managed by external partners:

25% for companies with $100M ARR

12% for companies with $30-100M

9% for companies below $30M

And with 4 our of 5 companies planning to build partner program, this share will likely increase.

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