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Partner Insight Limited, (Company No. 11959862) a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales.

Powering Partnership 


Double productivity of your B2B Partnerships with less time. 
Use our 2-sided SaaS to engage and collaborate with all your co-selling, co-marketing and product Partners in one place. 
Try joint workspace with your Partners - it's better than portals.

Easy Setup.     Unlimited users and storage.      No credit card required.

Partnership Managers
deserve more

Never forget conversations, miss tasks or scour marketing materials again with every aspect of your Partnerships in one place accessible by you and your Partners.

Get instant visibility and insights on each of your Partners and your entire pipeline. Evaluate Partners on their performance and engagement with intelligent scoring.

Assess Partnerships
in seconds

Give your Partners secure access to their dashboards and reports to collaborate on opportunities, tasks and documents. 

Forget long email threads
Part of London Business School Incubator Programme '19

Engage with all of your Partners in one place

Multi-tool functionality in one easy to use platform

Watch how Partner Insight helps to build engagement and trust with your Partners

To perform my job, I used to open Excel, Powerpoint and Email on my laptop, and I had a dozen post-its on my screen and two whiteboards behind me. Now I have Partner Insight, and everything is in one place

With Partner Insight I have a 360° view of my partnerships. I can keep track of how the relationship is developing, and I'm sure to never forget a follow up. Partners appreciate it because it's a two-sided platform: we are both aligned on metrics and the latest updates.


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