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Build and grow
a thriving ecosystem
at 3X speed!

Try collaborating with partners at 3X speed and exchange data instantly with bi-directional partner engagement hubs, workflow builder, and AI co-pilot.
Boost partner engagement and manage everything in one place: From opportunity pipeline to partnership journeys, shared content, and communication.
Streamline reporting, engagement and collaboration with AI-copilot.
Key Features

✔️ Collaborate with partners on pipeline, documents, workflows and tickets.
✔️ Track and approve deals, commissions and KPI, while preventing channel conflict
✔️ Create and track onboarding, training and other partner journeys
✔️ Share all content in one place: from documents to videos
✔️ Streamline partnership with AI: from meeting preparation, reporting, to answering FAQ
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Engage Partners 🤝 
in Bi-directional Hubs
Upgrade your partnerships with Flows, the ultimate solution for creating tailored onboarding, training, co-selling, and integration journeys with your partners.
Key Features

✔️ Choose from templates or create personalized workflows for each partner
✔️ Easily attach content, documents or videos
✔️ Share workflows or invite partners to specific journeys with a link 
✔️ Track partner progress effortlessly
​Onboard & train 
with (work) Flows
Boost partnerships
with AI Co-pilot⚡️   
Supercharge your partner engagement with AI 💬, designed to help you collaborate 3X faster.
Key Features

✔️  Partner FAQ: Enhance partner experience with instant answers, building stronger relationships faster. Let AI handle recurring questions, so you can focus on growth. 
✔️ Instant status and progress updates: Automate reporting on partner progress and actionable items
✔️ Create contextual updates & reminders on Opportunities or Tasks in seconds with AI writing draft messages for you
✔️ Instant meeting agendas to save hours on preparations

Case study
Best partnership teams use Partner Insight
"We scaled our channel 3X faster with the same resources. Finally we have a 360° view of our partnerships and clarity on how they are developing. "

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