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Supercharge Your Partnerships 
with bespoke insights

Transform your partnerships into a powerful go-to-market engine with our suite of tailored advisory services. These services are designed to address your unique challenges, drive measurable growth, and maximize your partnerships ROI.

Partnership Strategy Design: Craft winning strategies tailored to your unique business goals and market realities. Turn partnerships into a competitive advantage.

Partner Marketing Mastery: Learn how to leverage proven techniques to extend your brand reach and influence through your partners more effectively than direct methods.
Better Together Stories: Create compelling narratives that showcase the synergy between you and your partners, increasing conversion rates with customers and partners alike.

Partnership Process Optimization: Enhance your operations with more efficient processes, tools, and frameworks that accelerate the partnership lifecycle.

Cloud Marketplace Excellence: Master the art of go-to-market via evolving cloud marketplaces like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. We'll help you leverage these platforms to scale rapidly and efficiently.
Guided by Roman Kirsanov, a partnership pioneer with hands-on experience in top tech companies, you'll not only plan but execute a path towards accelerated and sustainable growth.

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About us 
Recognized thought leader in partnerships, Roman Kirsanov, has built successful tech partnerships and distribution strategies worldwide over a decade. His innovative strategies have accelerated business growth, from launching new products from 0 to 1 million users, to scaling partnerships to millions of subscribers, to leading marketing for companies with $1B+ ARR.

A Sloan Fellow from London Business School and Columbia Business School, Roman combines his vast practical experience with strategic frameworks from top-tier education. As the Founder and CEO of Partner Insight, he shares his insights through newsletters, podcasts, 
in addition to building AI-powered partner management SaaS used by leading tech companies.

Recognized by the London Business School Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and selected among the top 1% of tech founders by the On Deck Accelerator, Roman's expertise makes him a trusted advisor to many prominent partnership teams.


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