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Companies that invest more in partnerships, grow revenues ⚡️ 6.7X faster

Companies that invest more in intangibles, like #partnerships, grow revenues ⚡️ 6.7X faster, regardless of the sector.

According to the same McKinsey research, executives put the importance of partnerships on par with human capital and following the brand and ability to innovate.

💰 Why do more executives now consider partnerships a “relational capital” and invest more in it?

Forming ecosystems with partners is another way to build capabilities and expand offerings more quickly,

💜 While simultaneously:

  • enhance customer experience,

  • enlarge reach

  • and create innovation opportunities across the #ecosystem

💎 This creates value along two dimensions:

It allows participants to consolidate a range of customers, often across sectors,

It helps to optimize customer touchpoints, increasing their number or provided value (both B2C and B2B).


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