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How do you become a 💎 strategic asset for your partner?

How do you become a 💎 strategic asset for your partner to help them to achieve their goals?

If they start to see your #partnerships through this lens, this can truly elevate it to the next level.

A few questions that might help you with this - from our fireside chat with Bryan Williams [source in comments]

⚒️ On product integration

How can your solution add value to their existing customers or enhance their core #platform?

Can you help with your integration to unlock network effect or drive viral growth?

How can you get your customers into a delightful flow experience? How can you extend that to your partners?

What does that look like? Is it an embedded experience? Is it in-product? Or is it using the information you have to pass via an API to have data flow seamlessly both ways?

💌 On sales and marketing

How can you understand their sales team’s KPIs, what they're trying to achieve? What opportunities are you presenting to their sales team?

Do you engage across marketing efforts? Comms efforts, or webinars, help them with events?

How can you provide case studies, lots of reviews if you have shared customers?

If they have thought leadership, how can you support them with that?

Can you help them build community and advocacy in the market?

📈 On 360 degree collaboration

How do you stay top of mind and have regular engagement across the board?

If anything, you need to over invest in that partnership in the early stages to really understand the drivers of the major platforms or major partners you want to work with

But the more you're able to build with a 360 degree view, to accelerate your growth alongside them as a partner, the more rewards you will reap in return longer term.

👇 Learn more in Partner Insight fireside chat with Bryan Williams, CEO of Hockey Stick Advisory, frm Director of Partnerships - Ecosystem and Apps in Xero.


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