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Meet Partner Insight ⚡️ AI - your co-pilot to grow faster with partnerships

We're excited to introduce Partner Insight AI 💬 to help you collaborate and engage partners at 3X speed!

Partnerships teams have to spend hours onboarding partners, sending status updates and asking partners about customers, marketing traction, etc.

Now you can do it in seconds with our AI, starting with these features now available in shared partner collaboration hubs.

Watch 1 min demo

👋 Updates and Reminders - in-context generation

Click Update or Remind on any Opportunity or Task, ticket, or milestone - and AI will generate a contextual friendly message to your partners. You can edit and send it to partners in-app in one click. It will be delivered to their inbox too. E.g. clicking on Update on Opportunity [Visar], will generate: Hi, I wanted to update you on the potential opportunity with Vistar. We are currently in Stage 5 of the process, and negotiations have started. The due date for this opportunity is 2023-03-09. If you need any assistance to help move other opportunities forward, please let me know.

💬 In-chat generation

Write 3-4 words of [your prompt] in Chat and AI will generate a friendly complete message that you can send to partners or edit if needed. All in seconds with a click of a button.

✔️ Remind - will turn [Finalize partnership details] into Hi, Hope this message finds you well. I wanted to check-in and see if you had any questions or needed help to finalize the partnership details? I'm here to help and am ready to answer any questions you have. Let me know what I can do.

✔️ Update - turns your [Customer satisfaction is up] into

Hi, I'm pleased to report that customer satisfaction is up across our collaborations. We are seeing positive results from our joint efforts and are excited to continue to grow together. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help further our partnerships and related activities

✔️ Expand will elaborate and Rephrase will rephrase your message in a friendly tone

Try it for Free now and let us know what else you would do with your AI partnership co-pilot.

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