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Grow partnerships faster w/ AI co-pilot: New ✨Instant Status, Progress Updates, Meeting Agenda, etc.

Say goodbye to manual tracking and reporting in partnerships. Use Partner Insight AI 🙌 to stay on top and keep your partners and teammates updated.

Try these features can help double down on what’s working and free time to grow revenue faster.

📑 Instant Status and Progress Updates

Generate a report detailing your partnership status or progress to use yourself or share with partners and teammates. Track pipeline updates, commissions and actionable items.

📆 Meeting Agenda in seconds

Generate a partner meeting agenda instantly to review your active pipeline, open tasks, roadblocks with this partner and more. “Wow, I can save hours in partner meetings prep.” - said Partnerships Lead of a top 10 fintech.

Watch 1 min demo:

📍 This is just the tip of the iceberg. Also live:

- In-context partner Updates and Reminders

- AI-powered Partner FAQ

- and more

⚡️ Try it now for free and let us know what else you would do better with your AI partnership co-pilot.

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