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Accelerate Growth
with Microsoft
Marketplace & AI

July 23, 2024
9-11am PT
Scale your cloud GTM in FY25 with co-sell and the partner ecosystem, powered by marketplace.
Join us on July for a exclusive 2 hour event with on July 23 for a Partner Insights. Learn how to scale your cloud GTM in FY25 with co-sell and the partner ecosystem, powered by marketplace.  

Keynotes with Top Analyst & Growth
of Microsoft Marketplace

Jay McBain promo card.png
Ryan Storgaard promo card.png
10:00 am - 10:30 am PT
Evolution, Trends & Opportunities
Cloud Marketplaces

Forecasts suggested that top cloud marketplaces might generate $45 billion by 2025, growing at an 86% compounded rate. Today, Jay McBain believes this target might be reached much sooner, possibly by mid-2024.

Jay expalns: "Marketplaces aren't a threat to anyone. It's a net addition, because it drives you to the more valuable, high-margin, more revenue-generating parts of your business. It's a different way to collect money, it's a different route for vendors, but in the end, all of the end-customer behavioral psychology, journey mapping, and research we're doing is leading this way.

It's not an add-on; it's not an adjacent layer to your strategy. At some point, it's going to become core, and 1/3 of your customers are going to prefer to buy there, and 1/3 of all the money in your TAM will be there, and a million partners will surround that."
10:00 am - 10:30 am PT
Scale your cloud GTM in FY25 with co-sell and the partner ecosystem, powered by marketplace.
We’re thrilled to have Ryan Storgaard, who leads marketplace growth at Microsoft, share his insights.

Ryan is critical to the acceleration of the marketplace business:
  • 100% YoY sales growth with billions sold in FY24.
  • 7x YoY increase in visits to transactable AI offers on marketplace, capitalizing on Microsoft’s leadership in AI.
  • 140+% YoY growth in transactable AI offers published

Ryan Storgaard is a Senior Director for the Microsoft commercial marketplace focusing on marketplace growth. With more than two decades of experience, Ryan has worked extensively with software development companies to empower their success across Azure and is a veteran to the marketplace business.

Currently, Ryan leads a team focused on strategic growth initiatives within the product team. He’s also the recipient of the prestigious Microsoft Chairman's Award and a member of Microsoft’s Circle of Excellence.

Event in partnership with

Co-Sell Panel

Building Successful
Co-Sell Motion with Hyperscalers

10:00 am - 10:30 am PT
Join us for an engaging discussion with three Cloud GTM Leaders. In this panel, we'll delve into explaining tactics to stand out in marketplaces and drive revenue with co-selling. We’ll discuss the intricacies of maximizing co-selling and scaling your business beyond the initial stages of listing and transactions.

Among Our Incredible Panelists:
  • Dan Rippey, Senior Director, Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program at Microsoft
  • Manik Rane, Global Head of Microsoft Alliance at NetApp and others

We Will Discuss:
  • Strategies for SaaS Businesses to Stand Out
in a Cloud Marketplace
  • Maximizing Co-Selling and Co-Marketing Opportunities
  • Scaling Beyond Initial Listing and Transactions
pi_event 1080 - Speaker - 1line.png
Ecosystem Panel

Partnering with Channelto Accelerate Cloud GTM Growth

10:00 am - 10:30 am PT
Many believe that 2024 will be the year of Channel Partners in cloud marketplaces. But how exactly do partners fit into Cloud GTM? Where do they have an edge, and how can ISVs unlock growth on marketplaces? Discover insights from Distributors, SI Partners, and ISVs in our engaging panel on how to unlock and accelerate marketplace traction with channel partners.

Our Incredible Panelists:
  • Jason Rook, Sr. Director Product Marketing – Commercial Marketplace Channel Sales
  • Alex Balcanquall, Senior Director, Marketplaces Strategy & Operations, Cloud Software Group (Citrix)and others

We Will Discuss:
  • The role of channel partners in Cloud GTM: SIs, VARs, MSPs.
  • The growing influence of Service Partners in Cloud GTM.
  • Distributors as scale partners.
pi_event 1080 - Speaker - 2line.png

Presented by Roman

Roman is Sloan Fellow from London/Columbia Business Schools; VC-backed Founder and OnDeck Fellow. He is Founder Award Winner from LBS Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
Your cohort leader will be Roman, a widely respected expert in Cloud GTM and partnerships for his data-driven insights.

Your weekly sessions will feature 10+ of the industry's brightest minds, each bringing direct, impactful experiences from the world of hyperscalers. They'll share their in-depth insights and real-world examples. Watch clips from our past speakers below.

Ready to Accelerate Growth with Microsoft Marketplace & AI?

9:00 am - 9:30 am PST
Jay McBain, Chief Analyst - Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems, Canalys
9:00 am - 9:30 am PST
Ryan Storgaard, Senior Director,
Marketplace Growth
9:00 am - 9:30 am PST
Building Successful Co-Sell Motion with Hyperscalers
9:00 am - 9:30 am PST
Partnering with Ecosystem to Accelerate Cloud GTM Growth

Unlock YOUR Share
of $348Bn Commits with Cloud Marketplaces

Hyperscalers have accumulated $348 billions of committed spend 💰 from their customers - spend that could be directed to buying your software and services. Let me explain. While many enterprises grapple with a cash crunch, they still have to honor multi-year commitments to their cloud providers to maintain their discounts.

Here's the trick: if they buy your SaaS via AWS or Microsoft Cloud or Google Cloud marketplace, their spend goes towards these commitments.

💳 Effectively, they're purchasing your product with pre-allocated cloud funds. It's a quick win for everyone involved, accelerating procurement timelines from months to days.
Ready to become an expert in Cloud GTM?
Enroll in our course.

Learn more & Master Marketplaces with
5-week cohort course & community

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