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3 mindset shifts in partnerships

Today collaboration is not a byproduct, but a 💎 key source of competitive advantage.

But to leverage it, businesses need new skills and these 3 mindset shifts.

📈 From Capturing to Creating Value

Don’t ask, “How can we make money?”

Instead, successful #ecosystem builders start with: “How can we create value together?”

They understand that if they collaborate effectively, every partner will be better off.

📢 From an Inward to an Outward Focus

Companies need to open up and be ready to share resources, data, strategies, and plans with external partners. And when they think about partnerships, they must move beyond bilateral contracts toward building multilateral relationships and nurturing communities.

🚀 From fixed mindset to imagination

One of the strengths of a business ecosystem is that it can address challenges and enable value propositions that no individual company could achieve alone. Finding such opportunities requires counterfactual thinking and imagination, “the ability to create a mental model of something that doesn’t exist yet.”

💡 In addition to technical skills, companies need a deep understanding of #platforms and ecosystem business models and skills in ecosystem management.


✔️ Collect and analyze business intelligence through an ecosystem lens;

✔️ Build use cases for ecosystem business models;

✔️ Create, incubate, and launch new ventures;

✔️ Lead cross-functional teams;

✔️ Collaborate with external partners


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