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32% of Chief Supply Chain Officers plan to integrate with partners to grow faster

Companies are integrating their ecosystems both 🔺upstream and 🔻downstream. 32% of Chief Supply Chain Officers plan to integrate with partners to grow faster and more predictably with insights and automation.

This is the results of IBM’s survey of 500 CSCOs last year.

⚡️ This may sound like a no-brainer, but in reality this is a very consequential shift.

Integrations are not easy to implement, but companies are interconnecting their businesses further regardless. They also increasingly track shared KPIs in real time to react to accelerating pace of change.

💡 Key reasons to integrate with #ecosystem partners:

Gain faster insights into operations and decision-making with automation for predictability and flexibility.

Track performance and generate more accurate forecasts in almost real time.

Infuse resiliency into the supply chain and help organizations adapt faster to change

Articulate simple, transparent metrics and collaborate across business ecosystems to define common standards and terminology.

Work with partners to track and report progress for consumers, board members,

and investors.

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