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35 parts to achieve 5 key benefits of a successful 🎁 partnerships program

What does it take to create a successful #partnerships 🎁program? It’s highly advisable to start simple, but at scale it may include many of these 35 parts to achieve 5 key benefits.

Great partner programs tie these 5 goals together with incentives, tools and support.

💜 Partnerships goal #1 - solve customer challenges

and meet their clients’ needs more holistically.

📈Win more business

Via customer reach joint sales to each other customer base

Or via access to each other's brand, marketing tools and materials.

💰 Generate new income

With sales incentives, discounts, or rebates. This also include non-monetary awards.

💡 Build expertise

Companies train their partners in marketing, sales, and technical support.

They also integrate their products and share new technologies.

🤝 Collaborate seamlessly

Partnerships require commitments from both sides. You need teams responsible for collaboration on both sides and eventually they should be supported by tools to make this process easy and 2-sided with automations.

Framework: Strategy&

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