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4 ways to measure success 🏆 in #partnerships

How to measure success 🏆 in #partnerships is always a top of mind question. And while the tech industry is rapidly evolving, this old playbook still contains a lot of insights.

You can adjust this to your business, but here is what we typically see in the field.

💰 😊 Companies typically start with lagging indicators

✔️ Assess partner-led revenue

Absolute number, actual vs forecast, performance b/w partners

✔️ Then evaluate partnership’s influence on customer satisfaction

Often higher stickiness/retention could be MUCH more valuable than additional revenue short term

💯 Then they track leading indicators

✔️ Operational KPIs - that’s why it’s a good idea to agree on them with your partners in the first place

Events/webinars conducted, joint marketing campaigns launched

SDR trained, joint sales calls held

Integration progress, API calls, etc.

✔️ And finally review partner satisfaction and the dynamic of relationship

Are partners engaged and happy, are they increasing or decreasing the scope of collaboration across all dimensions?

💡 What do you measure?


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