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#6️⃣ of 7 key partner insights in 2022. The rise of a new Partnerships Leader

7 key partner insights in 2022 - a brief summary of key trends from a busy & challenging year.

6️⃣ The rise of a new #Partnerships Leader

🏁 We started 2022 with Jay McBain, Chief Analyst from Canalys highlighting that the largest tech companies are hiring Chief #Ecosystem Officers [aka “Chief Partnerships Officer”] instead of their channel chiefs:

“Companies like Google Cloud replaced their channel chief now with an ecosystem chief. A much bigger role than just the transactional channel …. A company like Rackspace Technology changed out a couple of their channel chiefs and put in an ecosystem chief.”

Recently Andrew Beckmann, who has outstanding track record in leading partnerships in Meta, Expedia, Sonder, Hopin, eloquently explained

🎯 Key Attributes of New Partnerships Leaders:

💡 They have strong strategy and problem-solving skills.

Able to smartly use data to map out what partnership looks like, and where to start.

Can prioritize a long list of interesting partners, when they only have resources to focus on a couple.

⚡️ Comfortable with a high level of uncertainty.

Able to figure out a step-by-step approach while tackling whitespace opportunities, or need to even define partnerships in the organization.

🚀 Have a 30,000-foot view of company strategy, but also willing to roll up sleeves and get into the details.

They are very clear on what leadership is thinking about new products, or new customer segments that may be on the horizon.

Or roll up sleeves and look at a conversion funnel, map out the different steps of where we could drive value, and come up with some tests-and-learn opportunities.

🎨 Creative

We all are familiar with standard frameworks, how to think about integration partners, or how to think about driving sales.

But what else could we be doing?

🤝 Enjoy building relationships

If relationship building feels like work, you're probably not going to be great at this or enjoy it. You need to be humble and excited to learn from others to really succeed in partnerships.

Watch our full workshop with Andrew Beckmann here

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