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#7️⃣ of 7 partner insights in 2022 - partnerships while difficult, are scaling up regardless

🎯 7 partner insights in 2022 - a brief summary of key trends from a busy year.

7️⃣ #Partnerships while difficult, are scaling up regardless

Three underlying trends:

📈 90% of companies are now using/planning to use partner API [Gartner]

😮 500 million apps will be created and deployed in the cloud by end of 2023 [IDC]

Vast majority of these apps will NOT be standalone products, but rather apps created in non-code tools. Still, there will be MUCH more SaaS products.

⚡️ 80% of software engineering orgs will have #platform teams in less than 5 yrs. [Gartner]

The trend is spreading from partner-facing software platforms to using platform architecture with dev teams internally.

🎉 Latest bonus: A deluge of decent content that everyone can now generate with AI tools in seconds (everyone is talking about ChatGPT, but even Notion now has AI content generator in-built)

😎 We’re heading in a very noisy world, where:

Customers don’t really want to talk with sellers anymore.

But (all) products are now turning into SaaS and need to be “talking with each other” to retain customers and acquire new ones. The latter is getting more challenging due to the spend cuts.

97% of B2C consumers recently said they had backed out of a purchase because it was inconvenient. This trend is now spreading to B2B too.

🔥 2023 will be an interesting year,

It may be challenging for partnerships, because this is the function that is more difficult to get right, than sales or marketing.

But, thinking from first principles, partnerships will be much needed and scaling regardless.

We also may start talking a lot about Partner Ops and Data Ops.

Check Partner Insight session with Scott Brinker on the explosion of SaaS and importance of #platform#ecosystem.

List of all insights of 2022 are here.

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