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Accelerate Gen AI Journey With 5 Key Partnerships

No company can ignore Generative AI anymore. It is projected to become a 📈 $60 Bn market by 2025 and account for 10% of all data generated.

Yet, your need a robust #ecosystem of partners to deploy it successfully.

Typical Gen AI journey:

- starts by brainstorming customer outcomes and use cases

- then moves to the technology & data required,

- considers access to talent to make it all happen.

To deploy Gen AI at scale, you need partners in 5 major areas:

✔️ Vertical Ecosystem Partners

Orchestrating technology, data, and fine-tuned foundational models for Gen AI is no small task. It makes sense for companies focusing on strategic AI use cases to build these AI capabilities.

Otherwise, consider partnering with likes of Jasper or Synthesia, which have already built end-to-end AI solutions for managing these use cases. This approach can work particularly well for mature use-cases such as finance, HR, or customer service.

✔️ AI/ML Model Partners

You can expedite the AI deployment process with model partners who offer pre-developed ML models. They have already carried out the heavy ML development, data collection, and training.

Your role? Fine-tuning the model with your enterprise-specific data. For instance, consider foundation models from OpenAI, Google’s LaMDA, Meta AI, or open-source models like Stability AI, accessible via Hugging Face.

✔️ Data Partners

Data is the fuel of AI. While leveraging internal data could be your powerful competitive moat, external data can help unlock specific use cases. Data marketplaces such as Kaggle, AWS Data Marketplace, or Google Dataset Search, or strategic partnerships with data-rich firms can provide access to this external data.

✔️ Technology Partners

Deploying Gen AI requires a robust technological base. Cloud partners, like Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS), offer significant scale/cost advantages and superior processing power. These partners either have their own mature Gen AI offerings (Google, AWS) or close ties to Gen AI providers (e.g. Microsoft’s share in OpenAI), allowing them to offer advanced capabilities.

You may also need managed service providers to help set up and maintain the necessary data and cloud infrastructure for Gen AI.

✔️ Co-Innovation Partners

Two heads are better than one, and co-innovation partners exemplify this. Consider Startup Collaborator programs launched by large enterprises like John Deere. By pooling intellectual resources from startups, they can quickly unlock many creative ways to apply AI - from robotic harvesting to analytics for high-value crops.

Gen AI journey requires more than just understanding AI – it's about building an ecosystem of partners to support you on it.

If you recognize the potential of each type of partnership, you can better position your business to maximize the benefits of Gen AI.

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