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API-first partnership lifecycle

In the new #API-first companies, #partnerships are way more complicated 🤖 and impactful than simple referrals.

A partnership lead needs to be a great collaborator, technologist, manager and (financial) forecaster at the same time, because now it's a team effort.

💬 We explained a step-by-step process in embedded API partnerships in our recent episode with Andy Bodrog from Cover Genius

🤝 Not only do you have to have those two external partners:

the carrier [companies that create the product]

and the end partner, that you constantly have to liaise with.

You now have an internal “partnership” element - you have to work well internally.

📑 You have a legal team that you really rely on - the contracting piece with embedded type of partnerships is vital. Everything circles around that contract and it's a B2B partnership, so you're liaising with the other company's legal team.

🎁 The technology piece, integration, you're doing mock designs first, uncovering the product.

Then you're pitching an ideal design solution to the partner that requires you to liaise well with your internal client solution, engineering team or design team.

🧰 Once these designs and legal documents are approved or done, then comes the actual integration. There's a lot of tech discussion of weekly technology calls, maybe a shared Slack channel, and all behind the scenes is you're the manager behind all of this as the owner of the partnership.

🗽 And even before all of this begins, you need to uncover the product.

The partner might not even know that's their need, and paint the picture and forecast on the revenue opportunities here.

💡 You have a lot of different skill sets you now need to make this partnership happen - with management skills, forecasting skills, and some type of technology skills to understand the lingo, and really be able to articulate to a partner that technology solution.

And of course, you're helped a lot by everyone on the team, and it's all a team effort.


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