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Channel is as important as ever, but it is evolving into a richer ecosystem

With the rise of the cloud, many predicted that direct digital models would render the channel obsolete.

💡 In fact, the channel is as important as ever, but thanks to a new crop of #channelpartners it is evolving into a richer ecosystem:

🔽 valued less for its distribution scale

🔼 than for its expertise in helping customers adopt new solutions and transform.

- these are findings of McKinsey & Company research on reinvention of enterprise tech GTM.

💬 These new channel players go far beyond the role of traditional value-added resellers. They add value across the life cycle, from cocreation to co-selling to codelivery and sometimes to renewal and value realization.

What's also compelling:

🔑 B2B customers are demanding simplicity and self-service and 30% of them are already using digital/self-serve channels for each stage of the buying journey.

This may not sound too high, but 30% it’s a big number for enterprise tech, and it’s growing fast too.

🙌 At the same time, more stakeholders are influencing the enterprise technology buying decisions.

Surprisingly, these influencers are significantly less satisfied than buyers across almost all stages of the product adoption.

As companies need to build more influence in buyers' organizations, partners are essential.

👇 Some time ago, we discussed with Jay McBain the need for partner involvement across all stages of the customer journey. It's even more true today.



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