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Decoding SaaS Partnerships Growth Metrics: Research

If you’re in #partnerships, this stat might make your day. 💡 64% of SaaS scale-ups now rely on partners for go-to-market, contributing an impressive 12% of the new business pipeline across all revenue stages.

This is a compelling finding from the data of portfolio companies of Insight Partners, one of the largest VC firms in the industry. With $90B under management and data from 600+ B2B SaaS companies they've invested in, these stats are a solid representation of the market.

Let's dive into the insights:

📊 Unsurprisingly, partnerships have a ~20% higher leverage on new business pipeline generation in companies with a high average sales price (ASP) above $50K.

Partnership Contribution to New Business Pipeline:

Low ASP (below $50K) - 11%

High ASP (above $50K) - 13%

✔️ Growth doesn't dampen the impact

The partner contribution to New Business Pipeline remains consistent as companies grow their revenue to $50M and above.

For example, Partner Contribution in companies:

Low Revenue (<$50M) & High ASP - 13%

High Revenue (>$50M) & High ASP - 13%

This is somewhat unexpected, as typically contribution grows with scale

🎯 Half of companies (50%) are now leveraging partnerships from their early stages.

When examining demand generation tactics, 50% of companies below $10M in revenue are already using partners to drive revenue. This is a significant trend that's now keeping pace with the 58% that are doing outbound at this stage.

📈 Companies indeed use partnerships more as they grow

For those below $10M in revenue:

50% use partnerships for demand generation

17% use referrals

8% build communities

Once they reach $50M in revenue, the stats is unequivocal:

80% use partnerships for demand generation

48% use referrals

33% build communities

Whether you're in the early stages of scaling up or handling high revenues, partnerships are now an essential part of the #growth playbook.

This trend is transformative and can’t be overlooked.

Curious if your experience aligns with this data.

Insight Partners data

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