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Demand gen funnel evolved from simple inbound/outbound 🎯 and now include partners

Legacy demand gen funnel has evolved from simple inbound/outbound 🎯 and now includes product-led, #channelpartners-led, community, etc.

This approach is more focused to buyer preferences and the journey that would create highest conversion.

💡 This means more customer engagement touchpoints , more channels and 3-rd party partners involved in influencing buyer decisions than ever before.

It still makes sense to

sell to Enterprise customers via Sales-led motion, and

acquire SMB customers via Product-led motions ,

but more and more companies use mixed GTM.

🤝 For example companies now involve partners much earlier than they reach Medium size (~250 FTE),

while some Enterprise customers self sign up and trial software before signing a large contract.

Retention is another consideration in choosing among GTM motion.

Partner-led GTM can increase (or decrease) your retention quite significantly, depending on the type of #partnerships you’d choose.

Framework: Battery Ventures

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