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How HubSpot stepped up 🗽 for their partners at a time of crisis.

Putting partners first, paying forward, win-win-win … often these claims remain in the decks.

But here is a great example of how HubSpot stepped up 🗽 for their partners at a time of crisis.

💬 Brian Halligan, co-founder and Executive Chairperson of HubSpot at SaaStr:

“Covid hit…we got about half [❗️❗️❗️] our business through partners, and she said [Yamini Rangan - then CCO, now CEO of HubSpot]

these partners are gonna really be sucking wind,

they're gonna have to lay everybody off.

Let's advance them their commissions for a year

and give them some leeway.

Which turned out to be brilliant,

they didn't lay anyone off.

We bought so much goodwill with our partners.

They love us.” 🎯

Obviously not every company is in a position to do something of this magnitude.

💡 But if you want your partners to really care, you need to stick your head out for them when they need you.

And then they will do the same when you need them the most. Which will inevitably happen.


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👇 Our breakdown on how HubSpot shifted their strategy to become a #platform and focused on partners.

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