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How products that seemed completely unrelated before are now getting embedded and bundled

🤝🏻 Construction + gaming + insurance.

Digital products that seemed completely unrelated before are now getting embedded and bundled together to make both users and companies win.

This is the radical advantage of the new generation of #partnerships in SaaS - their ability to create richer all-in-one user journeys.

A great example is Autodesk, the company best known for its CAD and 3D modeling tools for construction and industrial design. It has a string of SaaS products and engineers use its software to design buildings or products.

🎮 Partnership with Epic will take UX to the next level

Now Autodesk is partnering with Epic Games to help users visualize design concepts in real-time with the Unreal Engine that is used in gaming.

While Autodesk had 3D features before, with the new partnership Autodesk users can take it to the next level with a huge library of 3D assets. Using the Unreal Engine, they can walk through buildings in real time before they’re even constructed.

💳 Embedded services for additional revenue

Since Autodesk has millions of users, they may add an embedded insurance product on the checkout. This will cover user needs and also will create an additional revenue stream for the company.

We talked about the Autodesk example for embedded insurance in our episode with Andy Bodrog from Cover Genius.

🏆 According to Bessemer Venture Partners, these new embedded services and revenue streams are now table stakes, rather than exceptions.

“Thanks to the proliferation of APIs, it is easier than ever to build products that monetize indirectly on a range of ancillary services. In some rare cases, companies are even jumping to completely free software as a lead generation tactic to capture more lucrative indirect monetization streams. Either way, indirect monetization is an extremely effective way to build a business, and given the increasingly competitive SaaS markets, this strategy is becoming table stakes.”

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