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Keep your partner program simple and focus on growth - learn from MSFT playbook

How should a partner program look like 📈 to track and incentivise partners?

Keep it simple and focus on growth.

Learn from Microsoft, which has arguably the largest partner network out there, and which earlier this month simplified its partner program.

#microsoft is abandoning Gold and Silver tiers and instead introducing a single “solutions partner designation”.

In addition to simplicity, the new format is re-focusing partners on net new growth, tech capabilities and usage growth inside the customer accounts (CS).

💡 Now MSFT assesses partners on a combined score across 3 simple criteria:

✔️ Performance - how many net new customers do you add?

✔️ Skills - have you passed intermediate and advanced certifications?

✔️ Customer success - is usage of your customers and the number of solutions deployed is growing?

Partners need a minimum of 70 points (out of 100) to become a Solution Partner.

🎁 Here is how they market it to partners:

“Changes to the Microsoft Partner Network programs focused on simplifying our programs,

delivering greater customer value,

investing in your growth in new ways,

and recognizing how you deliver customer value...

We are introducing a new, holistic partner capability score. Holistic qualifications will measure your organization’s technical capabilities, allowing you to showcase solutions you have delivered to help customers succeed and grow.”

👇 For more info, check their deck and video that breaks down partner score.



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