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Leveraging Data in Partner Ecosystems

In the age of #AI and partnerships, data holds an 💰 unprecedented value. However, are we fully leveraging it? Currently, a mere 19% of companies exploit the benefits of data collaboration with partners.

This is a trend that's set to change dramatically.

💡 Yesterday, I had an insightful conversation with Scott Brinker, the godfather of #martech and HubSpot's VP of Platform Ecosystem.

He underscored an important point during his LXA (formerly MarTech Alliance) keynote - the secret to leveraging AI lies in pairing sophisticated models like ChatGPT with specific domain data sources. Case in point, ChatSpot, operating atop Hubspot's CRM.

Today, we live in a data explosion era. To harness AI's true potential, companies must effectively utilize their data. In this scenario, sharing and collaborating on data with partners is not just an opportunity—it's a necessity.

🎯 Yet, the Accenture research sheds light on an intriguing fact: 4 out of 5 companies have significant untapped data value and partner collaboration potential.

The study involved C-suite executives from 700 global companies and discovered that only 19% of these companies have a data strategy for seamless ecosystem collaboration.

📍 A mere 1 in 5 companies:

Shares data responsibly with partners, thus monetizing it directly for revenue and indirectly to bolster collaboration and new business models with partners.

Has a data strategy shaping their broader business and ecosystem strategy.

📈 By 2024, we're likely to see a shift—48% of companies are projected to have a data strategy fostering seamless collaboration within their ecosystems.


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