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McKinsey just hired its first-ever CTO and Platform Officer

Shortly after acquiring a Salesforce consulting S4G earlier this year, McKinsey & Company just hired its first-ever Chief Technology and Platform Officer 🚀 Jacky Wright from Microsoft.

A clear sign that we’re firmly in the digital #platform era, where industry leaders are considering becoming platforms and they also partner with others to scale.

💬 A few highlights from the post of Bob Sternfels, Global Managing Partner at McKinsey:

"Nearly half of our consultants are digital practitioners.

We have a thriving ecosystem of alliances with leading tech companies.

Jacky will help us further increase our rate of innovation, including innovating new platforms to help our clients transform and grow."

💡 This means that if you’re an aspiring industry leader, learning about platforms, #ecosystem and partnerships is now MUST and not a “nice to have”.

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