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Partner Insight Jan '23 PRM update: new 📊 partner collaboration hubs

Meet redesigned and expanded bi-directional 🤝 partner engagement hubs to help you grow your partnerships 3X easier and faster.

Sync with partners and track everything from one place - from pipeline updates to partnership journeys, shared content and communication.

Now it’s even easier to:

  • Create onboarding, training and other journeys for partners

  • Invite a partner with a Flow, so they land on a step-by-step journey

  • Track KPIs, commissions, target achievement, etc.

  • Exchange opp-ties, documents, set tasks

  • Track partner engagement and all communication history from one place

Watch 3 min walkthrough or learn more below.

📈 What's new?

More partnership KPIs

  • Pipeline, commission tracking, won opportunities, performance history and forecast

Expanded opportunity registration, approval and sync

  • Better opportunity registration interface, internal approval in 1 click and instant notifications on updates for both sides

  • Bi-directional opportunity sync with CRMs and import/export in 1 click, all while tracking channel conflict

Flows to onboard and train your partners

  • Fully customizable partner journey builder and tracker with best-in-class templates

Partner-side preview

  • Internal users can now switch in 1 click to see how your partner would interact from their side

Instant 1-2-1 and 1-to-many content sharing

  • All partner content is in one place, previewed in-app: YouTube, Loom videos, Notion, GDocs, Word docs, pdfs

Expanded milestones, tasks and notes

  • Tack key events or customer tickets and keep meeting notes in one place

  • Chat with your partner and track history of all updates and communication in the same hubs

Prefer a quick demo - grab 15 min here or

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