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Partnerships can move at 10x speed 🚀 if both sides commit and align

#Partnerships are almost always described as a long-term, gradual process.

But if both organizations and their leadership commit and align, things can move at 10x speed 🚀 or even faster.

In my experience even fairly large programs could be launched fast if they become a strategic priority of both teams.

In Covid times companies moved to #cloud and started to use advanced tech >20x faster 🎯 then they previously estimated.

Therefore, it’s almost always a good idea to:

✔️ Figure out if your partnerships fit the top 3 priorities of both organizations

✔️ Challenge estimated timelines again and again

✔️ Support partnership teams who show (on path) clear ROIs or strategic value with resources to unlock their true potential.

💡 Because what’s also true about partnerships, is that when they start working, companies usually reap benefits for a very long time.



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