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Spotify partnership case study: 28% of NEW registrations are partner-led

#Partnerships snapshot:

💎 28% of Spotify new registrations are partner-led, 2X growth from 14% in 2018.

They partner to drive for their users:

✔️ Ubiquity

✔️ Engagement

✔️ Convenience

This strategy proved to be a significant driver of new users to their platform.

Today Spotify has 2000 partners, 💡 8X #growth from 250 partners in 2018.

Spotify integrates with wearables like watches, as well as connected life, including cars and even kitchen appliances.

“And this idea of creating a truly frictionless experience for users was really as much about engagement as it was about convenience....

Users can listen anywhere and everywhere. And this is something that our competitors haven't prioritized.” - Daniel Ek, Spotify co-founder and CEO.

💡 89% of Spotify premium users use Spotify on multiple devices.

Why is this important? Users who use Spotify on multiple devices have higher LTV and lower churn.

💎 Monthly churn rate declined 30% over the same 4 years as they scaled their partnerships.

Example of Spotify partners



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