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Successful partnerships start with a compelling 🤝 Better Together story

How successful #partnerships really take off?

It all starts with crafting a compelling 🤝 Better Together story.

But if your partnership lacks one, its survival could be at stake.

Example of Better together story with Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud #marketplace.

Step 1: Craft your Unique Value Proposition.

Who are you and what do you offer? How does your offering align with customer needs? What sets you apart from competitors?

Be focused. Be relevant. Be different.

Step 2: Create a 'Better Together' story.

Demonstrate how your offering resolves a customer's business challenge. Explain how purchasing it through AWS Marketplace (via a Partner) enhances value.

Doug Gould, who led partnerships at AWS before joining LaunchDarkly, shared insights in our masterclass on YouTube:

❌ What not to do

"When we would start to dig into what the story was, the Better Together story between a partner and AWS, there wouldn't be a whole lot there. It would be very clear that they were just fabricating a story for the sake of supporting the hypothesis around this partnership.”

✔️ Instead, focus on clarity and value in the partnership for the customer

“The most compelling partnerships were when there's customers that are getting true value, or telling you that they're going to get true value out of these technologies working together”

“The Better Together story, it has to be very crisp, clear, something that can be described within a couple of sentences.

If you start to kind of ramble on “well, we want to partner with AWS because we see an opportunity to co-market, co-sell... - customers don't care about that.

What the customer really wants to know is, what's the value of using AWS and the partners product together?”

Here is an example CrowdStrike's Better Together with AWS

💎 CrowdStrike's unique value:

"Digital transformation adoption continues to accelerate with organizations moving to cloud deployment to keep agile and flexible. To support this rapid growth, security solutions have to keep pace and extend protection and visibility beyond on-premise networks into the cloud.

CrowdStrike, a global cybersecurity leader in endpoint and workload protection, and AWS with the most stringent cloud security requirements in the world, have combined forces through a shared responsibility model to provide industry-leading breach protection and cloud security."

🤝 CrowdStrike + AWS

“Our CrowdStrike integration with AWS native cloud services features runtime protection by leveraging machine learning prevention, indicator of attack detection…

The AWS services integrate easily with our rich API support for enhanced protection, automation, and analytics…Our easy turnkey solutions are available on AWS Marketplace with playbooks and scripts available for integrating with critical AWS cloud services.”

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