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The easiest way to share content with your partners 📊 and collaborate on documents

What is the easiest way to share and collaborate with your partners on 📊 product/sales trainings, marketing content, legal docs and integration plans?

Check Document Hub in Partner Insight.

📥 Share new content with one or many partners in 2 clicks

and they can access it in one click in their Document hub (also from a link in their email, of course)

Just like they can share content and docs with you - everything is 2-sided, as it should be in #partnerships.

📌 The best part - you can preview 📑 Notion, Google docs, PDF and Word documents, YouTube and Loom videos inside the platform without disrupting collaboration flow.

No more annoying downloads and permission sharing.

🤝 Document hub is part of a shared collaboration hub, where you can collaborate and track with your #channelpartners:

opportunities, KPIs, to-dos, meeting minutes, agendas and more.

From sharing and approving opportunities in 1 click

to avoiding channel conflict on autopilot

to staying on top of all communication between teams.


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