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Two mindset in partnerships

In business there 2 types of people:

🛠 Those who figure it out

📈 Those who scale it up

First group typically has a background in #startups, new launches, etc. where you need to figure out what works repeatability.

Not that scaling up is easy (it’s actually quite hard too), but you need a very different skill set. You need to be more process oriented and “build a machine that builds a machine” (to borrow it from Tesla).

Without the knowledge how to scale up, it’s impossible to build a sizable business.

💎 Still, in sales for example, the journey from 0 to $1M is the most difficult.

This breakdown is true to many other functions.

💡 What I see today in #partnerships (and of course #businessdevelopment) in SaaS, is that people are skewed to the first category.

They are working hard to test new partnership MVPs, build initial #ecosystem and integrations. They are figuring out how to make the function work profitably and repeatedly.

At the same time, the space itself is building new playbooks and tools for the new environment of more integrated and collaborative SaaS products.

🚩 Soon partnership functions will be scaling up much faster.

P.S. Check our fireside chat on partnership MVPs and how to scale them up


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