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Why partnerships are easy to learn and difficult to master.

#Partnerships are like one of those best games

🎭 that are easy to learn and difficult to master.

The mission is simple 🙋🏼

Connect and collaborate with other companies on products or go to market.

The goal is to scale revenue by expanding to adjacent or new markets where your partners typically have a customer base.

🎲 Rules are exciting

Your day to day includes sales, marketing, engineering, management and a lot of collaboration.

You always interact at the intersection of different companies and often industries.

You need to be always selling and make your voice heard, because you’re simultaneously very influential and not at all. This is true both within your organization and with partners.

🏆 And the path to mastery is

To figure out how to persuade teammates in your own company feel that these are not your partnerships, 💜 but their deals and projects that will be part of their success.

Then do the same with your partners and be an advocate of both.

💡 It takes time and passion to connect people and ideas across organizations to grow together.


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