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Zuora, SaaS subscription leader, grows revenue with 80% of deals supported by partners [case study]

What does scaling via #partnerships look like and how it can be very 🎯 cost efficient? Zuora, a leader in #SaaS subscription management, grows revenue with 80% of deals supported by partners.

💳 Zuora is a leading business that comes to mind when you think about Subscriptions Business Model. They offer cloud-based SaaS to enable companies in various industries to launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business, set payment terms, manage billing, invoicing, etc.

Zuora had $396M in revenue in FY ‘23, serving clients like Guardian, Ford, Fidelity, etc.

🛠️ One of their key ways how Zuora scales revenue is with Systems Integrators (SI) partners.

It partners with Global SIs: Accenture, Deloitte, Wipro, Capgemeni, Infosys, etc.

and many regional SIs: Slalom, Reply, RSM, RevGurus Inc, etc.

These Systems Integrators help the company to:

  • Source new opportunities & accelerate deals

  • Develop joint product solutions

  • Provide robust product delivery

  • Bring deep industry expertise

  • Support transformation of professional services organization

📈 Zuora started scaling partnerships with System Integrators in ~ 2020, with the goal to accelerate growth

By the end of 2021:

Partners supported 80% of their deals

More partner primed deals in the last quarter of ‘21 than in the entire previous year combined.

They grew from 0 (zero) Certified Partner Consultants in 2020 to 100+ in 2021

💡 Note on the graph how over time partners can help to drive revenue, without Zuora needing to scale its own Global Services (GS) team.

Check how they differentiate between partner-sources and partner-influenced revenue. Notably both grew in tandem.

Launching partnerships takes time and effort, but they become very powerful when they scale.

Source: company IR. N.B. Example from ‘21.

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