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Don’t tell your partner what you think they want to hear, tell the truth!

Don’t tell your partner what you think they want to hear, tell the truth!

One of the fastest ways to build 💜 trust and engagement with your #channelpartners is to create a culture of (nearly) radical transparency.

📑 Great starting point here is opening your product and GTM playbooks for them.

In the beginning you’ll feel vulnerable, but if you take a jump, you’ll see that 8/10 of your partner relationships will go to the next level.

💎⛔️ Of course you need to show your partner the advantages of your product. But it’s equally important to have clarity to what type of customer it fits well and where it doesn’t.

An important suggestion here is to have a discussion based on specific examples, e.g. sales pipeline, shared customers, projects that you are about to launch, etc.

Theoretical conversations rarely lead to any tangible results in #partnerships.

You can spend a lot of effort training your partners, but if they don’t have a (prospective) customer at the moment, they will likely return to you again for the same training when they'll have a real need.

💡 Finally, there are always several ways to tell the same truth

Before telling all your secrets, figure out what’s important for them, especially how they get revenue. Even if your product is amazing, if it will threaten their profit center they wouldn't touch it.

You either will need to present it differently or adjust your strategy with this partner.


It’s easier to have a conversation with partners when you have a single source of truth.

Partner Insight gathers all partner related information in shared partner hubs, but you can try any other approaches.


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