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Marketplaces were among the top 3 💰 funded categories in 2022, even after VC funding drained

#Marketplaces were among the top 3 💰 funded categories last year, even after VC funding drained. They significantly outperformed Nasdaq even after valuation correction. #Networkeffects remain the dominant force of value creation in tech.

According to marketplace index by Speedinvest

💡 70% of the value created in tech over the last 24 yrs

comes from network effects

5/10 of the most valuable companies in the world

are built on top of strong network effects

63% of newly established unicorns are platforms

🎬 P.S. One of the most frequently watched episodes on our YouTube is explaining network effects, #ecosystem, and #platform business models. Where they diverge and how they work together.

Check our insightful conversation with Marshall Van Alstyne - one of the world's top experts on network business models and coauthor of the Platform Revolution bestseller.

Learn more

💡 Our episode on platforms and network effects with Marshall Van Alstyne

Speedinvest Marketplace index

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