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Channelpartners are not typically market makers. They are market takers

In contrast to strategic partners, #channelpartners are not typically market makers. They are market takers 🎁 .

They are too busy with their own business and not in a position to figure out a go-to-market strategy for you.

But if you show them:

✔️ how your product will help them to achieve their goals

✔️ clear revenue potential and alignment with their existing sales process

✔️ your commitment to help them succeed

Channel partners can help you scale your business to the next level.

In SaaS, they contribute 23% of revenue.

To build a scalable channel program, you need to have

🔹 Repeatable sales playbook

🔹 Clear idea on who your partners are (ideal partner profile)

🔹 Why adding your product/solution will help them mid/long term.

💎 To make a strong case, think of potential synergies beyond from immediate financial benefits.

Scaling #partnerships takes time - from educating the sales force of your partner, to getting first traction, to scaling.

Help them to kick start the process by bringing a few first leads and launching a co-marketing campaign.

⌛️ If these partnerships do not sound too easy, well, because they are not.

Launching a channel program requires a lot of strategic and operational work in trenches. But it usually pays off long term.

💡 Prior to making a commitment, companies typically test various partnership MVPs. Check our our fireside chats on testing/launching partnerships - links in comments.


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