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In 3 years ALL major cloud platforms and enterprise application providers will offer marketplaces

In 3 years Gartner expects that 📢 ALL major #cloud #platform (think AWS, Red Hat, etc.) and enterprise application providers (Workday, Atlassian, etc.) will offer #marketplaces for their buyers (by 2026).

In 3 years ALL major #cloud #platforms and enterprise application providers will offer #marketplaces

🎯 This will help customers conveniently choose and buy multiple 3rd party products (e.g. other #SaaS that plug into their platform) from one place not worrying about quality, security and integrations.

Both sides are converging in their preferences to make digital marketplaces commonplace for tech purchases.

Cloud platforms are focusing on building user and platform flywheels (see the picture).

Buyers, especially non-tech, are looking for composable and easily consumable solutions.

What's to do about it if you're a #partnerships leader or tech CXO?

🏆 Evaluate the priority of a marketplace channel for you

Size the market opportunity

Evaluate your solution fit with various marketplaces

Assess your target buyers’ preference - if existing marketplace fit your target customers or you need to launch/grow your own marketplace

🌋 Prepare for a shift from tech to non-tech buyers

Consider adjusting your GTM strategy to add selling through a marketplace(s)

Make sure buyers know that your solution is compatible with existing infrastructure and that it can be easily integrated

Image: ITIF, edited.


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