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Cloud ecosystem grew 5X in the last decade, outperforming market indexes

If we zoom out to the past decade, it's clear the #cloud ecosystem has surpassed all expectations. It outperformed major market indexes such as the Nasdaq by a factor of 2.5X 📈.

Between 2013 and 2023, the total public cloud market cap rocketed from $283 billion to a staggering $1.3 trillion, according to the Bessemer Venture Partners Emerging Cloud Index.

Even today, the cloud market remains resilient, standing strong above pre-pandemic levels.

✅ The Power of the Cloud

Regarded as one of the most attractive business models ever invented, the cloud has revolutionized how we approach technology.

✅ Riding the Hyperscalers Wave

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud are leading the charge. Their combined market cap now matches the Top 100 publicly traded cloud companies. As key backers of the ecosystem, they've simplified product development and (more recently) go-to-market strategies for SaaS companies and channel partners.

✅ Revolutionizing Cloud #marketplaces

These hyperscalers are taking bold strides, investing heavily in their cloud marketplaces to simplify the enterprise sales process and customer discovery for SaaS companies and #channelpartners. They are becoming an unavoidable channels for them.

✅ Cultivating a Robust Ecosystem

The cloud is more than a market; it's an environment of shared growth and innovation. It encourages building, servicing, and selling together, enhancing industry collaboration.

✅ An Evolving #Partnerships Approach

The new breed of cloud companies are increasingly scaling by partnering earlier or building their own platforms that attract third parties to plug into and grow together.

In return, partners are diversifying their business models, transitioning from pure "buy-sell" models to professional and managed services to offering transformation in a box.

Hyperscalers, with their marketplaces and enterprise sales teams, are now an essential route to market for SaaS companies, becoming “resellers” that also aim to drive consumption of their underlying platform.

💡 Navigating this landscape requires a keen understanding and leveraging of the ecosystem business model. As the competition intensifies, a proactive approach like the "follow the rabbit" strategy could be the key: start small, demonstrate your value, and then set your sights on the industry giants.

The future of cloud is bright.

Graph: BVP


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