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Co-opetition is often a sign of sophisticated strategy in partnerships

⚖️ Co-opetition is often a sign of sophisticated strategy in #partnerships.

Because usually it's not a zero-sum game, it's essential to be open to collaborate with competitors.

Companies usually start with:

We're enemies, why would we cooperate?

While a more nuanced partnership leaders explain:

😎 We cooperate on certain fronts and we compete on other fronts. We serve and grow the market together.

📢 Recent public example: Netflix in talks to partner with Roku Inc., Comcast to get help on ad sales and ad tech


Netflix needs to jump start its Ad Sales and Ad Tech and they simply don't have expertise in this. The easiest way to do that is via partnering with Roku, Comcast.

Roku has a robust advertising business in the connected TV space and Comcast is of course a cable giant very familiar with how to do ads.

As a result, Netflix is in discussions with both Roku and Comcast so those companies would handle either the ad sales or the technical infrastructure of Netflix’s forthcoming ad-supported tier of service.

💡 In one of our fireside chats we discussed how PayPal partnered with some of their competitors.


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