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Hypergrowth SaaS secrets: Referrals and Partnerships

What's driving the #growth of today's top B2B SaaS companies? A recent survey of hypergrowth leaders reveals that 🎯 referrals and #partnerships reign supreme in acquiring new business.

🏆 Contrary to the substantial push towards self-serve and fully digital experiences, 34% of respondents credited referrals as the primary channel for growth in recent BCG X survey.

Partnerships emerged as the third most effective #strategy.

As SaaS adoption hinges on trust, positive peer recommendations and robust partnerships establish this trust more effectively than anything else. Moreover, they provide (most) cost-efficient acquisition avenues.

⚖️ However, the key lies in finding the right balance and using different channels depending on the contract size.

Larger contracts ($100K+ annually) warrant the attention of field and inside sales due to their complexity. In contrast, smaller contracts often find their best fit through self-serve channels.

Regardless of the scenario, partners can significantly amplify sales and marketing efforts, as demonstrated in our case studies of top SaaS companies heavily reliant on channels, like Atlassian, Zoom, Box, HubSpot, and others.

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