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You cannot control your luck, but you can control your process 👌

So true in #partnerships

E.g.: The best way to kick start a new partnership?

Before starting your collaboration with a partner, find together a few potential customers 👱🏻 👩🏻 👴🏼 that this partnership will make successful.

The exact number will depend on your transaction value, but it should be relatively small.

It ‘s much easier to focus on smaller customer subset and make them really successful.

🚀 Of course, you should launch a great marketing campaign around your partnership, because it’s usually a quick win.

But without a real customer case studies, people on both teams keep expectations low and don’t really buy-in. Such partnerships risk staying very hypothetical.

🎯 On the contrary, having a few real customers who are delighted by their new customer journey changes the narrative completely.

And this tends to be true across the sectors and industries.

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